Cold Water Meter Services

We are a water meter service company, with expertise in application and evaluation of cold water meters. Our resolution is to eliminate water loss through diligent testing and maintenance of water meters.
Give us the opportunity to help you in areas of concern.
Testing Repair
Southern Flowmeter has serviced a wide variety of meters and applications. If you suspect problems we can advise you on the best methods to recover loss. Before problems arise we can detect a decrease in accuracy of the meters that can have a significant impact. The mechanical components of water meters lose efficiency with time, strictly causing a loss of water through the meter. Sometimes the impact is large and immediate, leading to a noticeable difference in billing. Often though the change is slow and indistinguishable, and over a long period of time these decreases add up. The meter will operate well outside AWWA standards and can only be detected through diligent periodic testing and repair of the meter.
Municipal Utility Districts
Commercial Facilities
Operating Companies

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