Southern Flowmeter – Certification and Calibration Services

Let us perform accuracy testing on your meters to stay in compliance.

We will also contact you prior to your next scheduled test.

Some locations fall within boundaries or jurisdictions that require periodic meter testing. Southern Flowmeter can provide test results that are accepted by local municipalities and governing bodies. We have helped customers comply with TCEQ, Subsidence Districts and the City of Houston among others. In situations where testing may be overdue, our rapid response can quickly remedy the problem. Contact us to see if we can assist you with your local requirements.

We have special equipment to verify Siemens Mag Meter accuracy in place.

                Sub-Meter Testing – Cooling Towers

+ Meet Requirements 
Our technicians are qualified with the City of Houston to provide sub-meter certification.

+ Check Accuracy 
We confirm the validity of the meters regulating your sewer credits.

+ Scheduling 
Typically annual testing is required. We keep record and contact you before expiration.

+ Improve 
If your meters are not working properly, we can advise you of your options for repair or replacement.


          Subsidence District Testing – Well Meters

+ Satisfy Requirements 
Qualified with Fort Bend and Harris-Galveston Subsidence Districts to perform meter testing and certification.

+ Verify Accuracy 
Ensure that the meter monitoring your water usage is operating within standards.

+ Follow-Up 
Periodic testing is required, typically dependent on well size. We keep record and contact you before expiration.

+ Expertise 
In rare circumstances where the meter is not operational, we can diagnose and provide you with a repair option.