Sub Meter

Southern Flowmeter – Cooling Tower Sub Meter Services

Let us certify your cooling tower meters.

Cooling tower evaporative credit (sewage credit) can be a significant source of cost reduction. Sub meters must be certified annually to qualify for the credit in the City of Houston. We can perform your calibration, often within a couple of days. In other municipalities, if special arrangements for sewer credits have been made, we may also be capable of certifying your Sub Meters.

             Sub Meter Experience

We have certified hundreds of sub-meters in various types of facilities and installations.

If the meter proves unreliable, we can repair or replace your meter, often reducing cost and downtime.

Some installations don’t recover the maximum credits. Use our experience at various sites to your advantage.

When there is a total failure, repairing is often still an option. We can evaluate and suggest the best course.