Meter Testing

1.5 inch and Up

Quickly test a single meter or an entire region of commercial meters, verifying their accuracy.


5/8 to 1.5 inch

Assure your customers that their meter is operating well, provide them third party test results.


Large Meters

Well production, interconnect and surface water meters can all be inspected by our technicians.



Independent test certificate from a company qualified with the City of Houston and Subsidence Districts.


Do you have a convenient way to check meter accuracy?

We have solutions for almost all water meters.

We have tested meters in a variety of applications including; well meters, residential meters, light commercial, large commercial, and surface line meters. Most applications allow us the option to pull and test the vital components in a controlled environment. We compare your meter with our electromagnetic meter, the latest technology for flow measurement.



Bring us your residential meter for testing when questions arise, our have us pull and test it.

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Testing a whole district of commercial meters provides you with an well defined picture of regional problems.

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Large well, surface or interconnect meters severely impact accountability when they are faulty. We can assure you of their accuracy.

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              Why Test?

1 Conservation 
Verify the water used is accounted for fairly and accurately.

2 Confidence 
Supply your customers with test results from a reliable company.

3 Correction 
Running meters at different flowrates and working valves improves their operation.

4 Condition 
During our visit we may also find and report problems like leaks, broken valves or boxes.