Meter Sales

Southern Flowmeter – Meter Sales

                Meter Supply and Distribution

1 Supply
We service and supply most brands of cold water meters and can suggest the right one for your application.

2 Expertise
Our experience testing and servicing meters allows us to advise you on their long term performance.

3 Distribution
Strictly selling meters is not a focus of our business, but will be accommodated if desirable.

Service Oriented Sales

Our focus is supplying meters in situations where it is part of a larger installation or replacement. Local meter representatives are better equipped to handle and advise smaller customers looking for a single meter.

Brands We Carry and Service

  • Neptune
  • Sensus Meters
  • Badger Meter
  • Siemens
  • Hersey Mueller
  • McCrometer
  • Water Specialties
  • Sparling
  • Elster Amco – ABB
  • Master Meter