Southern Flowmeter – Siemens Verificator Services

A full verification report will confirm meter performance according to quality
standard ISO 9001 and management standard ISO 14001.

Let us Verify your Siemens Mag Meter.

Siemens Mag Meters are used to monitor flow in a variety of applications.

Many times it is not feasible to remove them from service for an accuracy test.

We can come to your location and check the meter in place, without interrupting your process or incurring expensive removal/installation costs.

Siemens Mag Meter Verificator

              Why Verifcate?

1 Convenience 
We verify the meter in place without disturbing flow and avoiding downtime.

2 Confidence 
The verificator’s proven test methods will provide you with reliable results.

3 Correction 
We can find changes since installation that may have gone unnoticed.

4 Condition
With so much dependent on meter accuracy, check the integrity of your data.

The SITRANS F M Verificator can be used with the following MAG sensors and transĀ­mitters:

Sensor Bodies

  • Siemens FM MAG 1100 / 1100 F
  • Siemens FM MAG 3100 / 3100 P
  • Siemens FM MAG 5100 W

Transmitter Displays

  • Siemens FM MAG 5000
  • Siemens FM MAG 6000

Models that are not listed may be upgraded to allow for the verification process.