Residential Meters

Southern Flowmeter – Residential Meter Services

? Suspect Problems

Residential Water Users

As a residential water customer you do not own the water meter. Without ownership, you cannot contact Southern Flowmeter directly to have us test your water meter. In cases of dispute the water district may contact us to perform testing on the meter.

? When to Test

Meter Accuracy Disputes

If the end user seeks to have their meter tested, pull the meter and let us measure its performance. We can often get test results within a couple of days. As an independent company, we provide credible data in a simple format.

? How We Test

Third Party Test Results

We test the water meter’s accuracy against a calibrated tank and an electromagnetic meter. We have successfully checked thousands of meters with these devices. Our methods achieve reliable and repeatable results.

Residential Meters, 1″ and smaller, are inexpensive and easily replaced, we do not suggest repairing them in part. Larger residential customers may require meters 1.5″ and larger. These meters may be repaired at a lower cost than replacement.

Most residential meters are positive displacement, designed for low flowrate sensitivity. This design makes it highly unlikely they will over count usage. Also, given their application, they are typically not run at flowrates that stress the mechanical components. These meters often maintain a high accuracy, within 95%-100%, into the range of millions of gallons.