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Southern Flowmeter – Utility District Services

Well production meters and surface supply meters are integral to maintaining a high level of accountability. Periodic checks of these meters are the first step toward recovering balance. They tend to receive the most attention and be in good condition.
Commercial metering can represents a significant portion of water used in a district. Properly operating meters are paramount to excellent accountability. As much as 2-10% of these meters can drop below AWWA standards in a one year period.
District interconnects trade a compelling amount of water. They tend to be poorly designed propeller meters with installations that are difficult to properly test. They also may go long periods between uses which leads to extreme inaccuracy.

How We Help Districts Gain Control Of Water Costs

One Time Testing

  • Find Unknown Meter Inaccuracies
  • Improve Accountability and Revenue
  • Meters Serviced are Under 1 Year Warranty
  • Balance Meter Performance Regardless of Installation Date

Annual Testing (Preferred)

  • Greatest Reduction of Lost Water
  • Find Decline in Performance Earlier
  • Meters Serviced are Under 1 Yr Warranty
  • Create a Fair Level of Accuracy Throughout the District

Testing Every 2 Years

  • Lower Financial Consideration
  • Find Meter Problems before Total Failure
  • Meter Installations Get Proper Attention
  • Create Level Accuracy Throughout the District

Indirect Benefits of Our Service

Running meters at high flow rate during testing removes buildup and improves accuracy of every meter we test.

Utility customer’s confidence in meter performance will grow as they see us servicing the district.

We notice and report other problems such as; leaks, inoperable valves, illegal piping and open hard pipe bypass.

We improve and maintain the condition of the district by working valves, cleaning meter boxes and registers.