Meter Repair

Southern Flowmeter – Meter Repair and Installation

     Advantages of Repair versus Replacing

1 Performance
We replace vital components with new assemblies, returning performance to the original condition.

2 Cost
Repairing costs less than replacing the entire meter. For larger meters the cost is a small fraction of a new meter.

3 Customer Service
Removal of meters can often take hours. Repairs can be done in minutes, often avoiding disruption of service.


The Importance of Meter Repairs

A commitment to repair commercial meters may bring about financial concerns. It is an investment which will be more than recovered through appropriate billing levels. Repairs can often be performed for less than the cost of replacement.

Our Experience

  • Completed Thousands of Repairs
  • Propeller Repair or Upgrade
  • Turbine and Displacement Meters
  • Compound Meter Assemblies
  • Mag Meter Troubleshooting
  • Recover Original Performance
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Meter Vault Install or Refurbish
  • Strainer Element Replacement
  • Digital and Remote Displays

Replacing or Installing Meters – Our Mechanical Capabilities

Put our Mechanical Expertise to Work for You.

When repair is not an option, we are capable of replacing meters or even refurbishing entire bypass and valve installations.

For locations requiring a new meter to be cut in, we can install standalone meters and even large meter vaults.

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Why Repair?

Repairing or replacing meters is a necessary follow-up to accuracy testing.

As technologies improve, manufacturers stop supporting older models necessitating replacement.

Meter vaults sometimes lack bypass and proper valves. We can remodel installations to better serve users.

When there is a total failure repairing is often still an option. We can evaluate and suggest the best course.